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Logo Dellorto

Dellorto carburetors and corresponding spare parts, jets, metering rods,  nozzles for the preparation and the overhaul of the modern and old motorcycles. We are proud to number such a  prestigious trademark for our reselling activities. We are at your complete disposal for any request.

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Mixture Kit.

iJets, metering rods, nozzles. Complete kits for any model; either kits developed by Keihin technicians or loose details for the engine mixture tuning are available.

Kit carburazione Keihin

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Coloured petrol delivery pipe and exhaust pipes for carburetors.

A wave of colour instead of the “anonymous”  transparent petrol pipes: they are supplied in reel or cut to lengths on request and they are made up of soft high quality PVC. They can be adapted to  Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Husqvanra, Ktm, etc. They are available in two sizes: ø 6 mm petrol pipe in 5 meter reel; ø 4.5 mm carburetor exhaust pipe in 5 meter reel. Available colours: red, blue, green, orange.

Tubo benzina e tubi sfiati carburatore colorati

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Tuned carburetors.

Properly tuned carburetors for your motorcycle or with basic setting are available at very reasonable prices.

Dellorto PHM1:

Carburatori Dellorto serie PHM1

Dellorto VHSB:

Carburatori Dellorto serie VHSB

Dellorto VHSH:

Carburatori Dellorto serie VHSH

Click here in order to choose the model of your carburetor.

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