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Keihin FCR - FCR Mx carburetor pickup pump cover.

This cover was conceived in order to transform the better into the best.
Thanks to the recalculated volumetry and to the calibrated supply holes it improves the operation of the pump ensuring an optimal motor revolution increase, it avoids the delivery and the acceleration failures which usually occur after jumps or quick accelerations. It is completely machined from solid and made up of Ergal 7075; it is available in anodized red or blue version...

Coperchio pompa di ripresa

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Power Pump pickup pump cover with adjustment system.

This cover, which is an American manufacture, is suitable for the most demanding riders  because it combines the features of the PMX cover with the possibility to regulate the petrol delivery. The external knob allows to calibrate the petrol quantity to be delivered  according to any type of use and climatic condition. Therefore it will be possible to choose between running rich or lean while in motion  thus obtaining the desired delivery during the pickup or the acceleration.

Coperchio pompa di ripresa Power Pump

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Mixture control screw for Keihin FCR - FCR Mx.carburetors.

The mixture control screw is necessary for all  Keihin FCR carburetors and it allows controlling the mixture of the progression circuit. Tools and the carburetor disassembly will be no longer necessary. You will be able to control the mixture at any moment or in any climatic condition by means of two fingers; moreover the numeric indications located on the knob will facilitate the fine adjustment because the position up to a quarter of a turn is clearly visible.

Vite di regolazione del minimo

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Keihin FCR Mx. oversize float chamber plug.

It is completely machined from solid, it is made up of Ergal 7075 and it is available in various anodized colours; it ensures an increase of  5ml of the petrol delivery near the jets. In this way the mixture is kept constant even if the height and the cavitation of the carburetor change.  It is perfect for jumps, wheelies on dunes and big holes and for the quick lateral accelerations which the motorcycle is subject to.

Tappo per maggiorazione vaschetta

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Hot start connector for Keihin FCR - FCR Mx carburetors.

It is completely machined from solid; it is made up of Ergal 7075 and it is available in various anodized colours; it was conceived in order to ensure a higher resistance in comparison with the plastic connector originally assembled which is usually subject to wear during racing.

Connettore avviamento a caldo

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Keihin FCR Mx.mixture accessory kit.

Oversize pickup pump with recalibrated petrol passages; oversize float chamber plug  +5ml , adjusting screw of the progression circuit, hot start connector: by combining these accessories it is possible to ensure quick accelerations  and an optimal mixture in all various motorcycle use conditions.

Kit completo accessori carburazione

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Power Bowl float chamber.

With this float chamber you can equip your Keihin FCR Mx carburetor with a spare part used in world cross-motard racing championships. It is completely machined from solid and it is made up of Ergal 7075; it is complete with pump cover, special calibrated springs for diaphragm and pumping element as well as o-rings; this float chamber is an avant-garde product for the carburetors  used in the world cross-motard racing championships. Thanks to the recalculated volumetry, the redimensioned nozzles and the adjustable pickup pump  it eliminates the acceleration failures and the flooding, it allows a quick gas control response, it reduces the stall of the hot motor and it improves the power supply at any running speed. The power supply, at the end of a bend, during the acceleration or at the end of a jump is very important in order to use horsepower completely. The operation of the carburetor pickup pump circuit affects this operation phase of the engine.  A jet regulating the petrol quantity delivered by the pump is located on the standard  Keihin FCR Mx carburetor. This jet is very difficult to find and it is also very difficult to replace and obviously it is not possible to regulate the petrol flow when the motor is on.!! Power Bowl float chamber allows to eliminate the pickup jet: the knob located aside allows regulating the petrol quantity delivered by the pickup pump at any moment and without disassembling the carburetor. The use of this float chamber ensures invaluable advantages: it will be possible to regulate the motor delivery, run rich or lean thus controlling many parameters of the engine. This will be possible also while in motion, either riding on a quick route or riding with two fingers your motor will adapt itself to your riding style and route. The operation is optimized by combining the Power Bowl float chamber with the oversize plug and the Mixer knob.

Vaschetta Power Bowl rossa     Vaschetta Power Bowl nera

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Keihin FCR mixture kit.

Jets, metering rods, nozzles. Complete kits for any model; either kits developed by Keihin technicians or  loose details for the engine mixture tuning are available.

Kit carburazione Keihin

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Coloured petrol delivery pipe and exhaust pipes for carburetors.

A wave of colour instead of the “anonymous”  transparent petrol pipes: they are supplied in reel or cut to lengths on request and they are made up of soft high quality PVC. They can be adapted to  Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Husqvanra, Ktm, etc. They are available in two sizes: ø 6 mm petrol pipe in 5 meter reel; ø 4.5 mm carburetor exhaust pipe in 5 meter reel. Available colours: red, blue, green, orange.

Tubo benzina e tubi sfiati carburatore colorati

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Split Stream carburetor upgrade system.

An innovative product to potentiate all motors, either two-stroke or four-stroke types; it is made up of a unique part  of high technology Teflon composite. It is assembled on the carburetor inlet and it is located between  the choke and the filter casing. It ensures a regular air passage and allows the air/petrol mixture to be conveyed into the cylinder at a very high speed. This results in the improvement of the motor power supply.

Compatible models:

Motorcycle trademarkMotorcycle ModelMotorcycle Year
COBRACX 652007-2008
HONDACR 1252004-2007
HONDACRF 4502007-2008
HONDACR 2502004-2007
HONDACRF 250X2004-2008
HONDACRF 250 2004-2008
HONDACRF 4502002-2008
HONDACRF 450X2002-2008
HONDACR 852005-2007
HONDACRF 1502007-2008
HUSQVARNASM 1252004-2008
KAWASAKIKX 1252002-2008
KAWASAKIKXF 4502006-2008
KAWASAKIKX 2502000-2008
KAWASAKIKXF 2502004-2008
KAWASAKIKX 651998-2008
KTMSXF 2502006-2008
KTMEXC 4002006-2008
KTMEXC 4502006-2008
KTMEXC 5252005-2008
KTMSX 651998-2008
KTMSX 852004-2008
KTMSX 1252002-2008
SUZUKIRM 1252002-2008
SUZUKIRMZ 4502005-2007
SUZUKIRM 2502001-2008
SUZUKIRMZ 2502004-2006
SUZUKIRM 651998-2007
YAMAHAYZ 1252002-2008
YAMAHAYZ 2502000-2008 
YAMAHAYZF/WRF 2502003-2008
YAMAHAYZF/WRF 4502003-2008
YAMAHAYZ 852003-2008

Convogliatore di potenza Splitstream     Convogliatore di potenza Splitstream applicato

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